Our software is kept current and backed up daily to preserve your business data. We provide updated balances quickly for on the spot information. The chart of accounts is organized on an “as needed” basis.

Accounts Payable

All payables are sent to an email set up with your company for processing.  We code each transaction and cross check for possible errors on every vendor invoice.  Payments are sent via ACH, online banking, or printed check per authorization of owner’s request.  We maintain vendor master files for efficient end of the year and 1099 services.

Accounts Receivable

We customize and send out invoices to your clients in a timely manner.  Additionally, we post all receipts, sales, and maintain customer master files.  Every invoice due date is monitored and tracked accordingly.  Your clients will receive gentle and persistent notifications of past due payments via telephone and email.

Payroll Processing

All employee records are kept up to date, and payroll calculated and processed as directed.

Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation

We match and store all expense receipts and documents to reconcile accounts for better record keeping, and discrepancies are communicated immediately. All accounts will be connected with a “view only” for confidentiality and security purposes.  Accounts are updated, transactions categorized and reconciled within a week of closing statement.

Review General Ledger and Prepare Reports

Your General Ledger is reviewed and updated as needed.  Reports are prepared per your request.

Financial and Tax Statement Preparation

We match and store all your expense receipts and documents to reconcile accounts for better records.  End of the year reports are prepared in plenty of time for your tax preparation.

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